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Rachel   and James

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"Capturing the moments LIVE for the loved ones that couldn't make it"


  • 2 hr
    Introductory Meeting

  • 2 hr
    Introductory Meeting

  • 2 hr
    Introductory Meeting

Let's Love go LIVE <3



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Victor Quintero - Professional Photographer - 6 Years.

- Luxury Real Estate photographer.

- Aerial Photographer.

- Videographer - Cinematic.


At an early age, I was unable to attend several events. Either because of College, work and of course personal responsibilities. Right?  As a result, I found the amazing opportunity to find a solution to the people that could relate. Fortunately, technology is evolving and as it involves ... Innovation comes into effect. 

It is my pleasure to provide my time to broadcast, record, create and produce one of the most important days of your life. Our goal is to make feel like the King and Queen that you are.


Imagine your wedding live on facebook? 

Talk to us! Set up a meeting and we can go over all the details. 

We also provide: Photography - Videography - Aerial 

Serious inquiries only. 


Let's Chat!

1627 East Concord St, Orlando, FL 32803



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